CM3 36 Trimaran

CM336 Specifications

11100mm L.O.A  3600kg  Displacement max
8260mm B.O.A 10,4:1 Beam length ratio @ max
589mm Draft max displacement 60L Fuel capacity
2191mm Height of main hull 200L Water capacity
3059mm Beam of main hull 20HP Outboard motor
14600mm Mast height (Cruise) 47m2 Main sail (Cruise)
16000mm Mast height (Race) 26m2 Head sail (Cruise)
1:10 Main hull is 1:10 beam to length ratio 46m2 Code 0 Est
2100kg Displacement light 102m2 Gennaker


  • The Standard CM336 Performance cruiser built using epoxy resin infused composite E-Glass, 80-130kg/m3 PVC core achieving optimal weight and strength. Carbon used for the structural bulkheads, beams and sockets locally reinforced structural areas.
  • The Carbon CM336 CR Carbon race version is built using epoxy resin infused composite Carbon, 80-130kg/m3 PVC core achieving optimal weight and strength. The only areas to constructed in E-glass is the internal furniture non-structural areas.
  • Externally-spray finish Awl Craft 2000/Alex seal in light solid colour of choice / Anti-slip/ Antifouling barrier coatings.
  • The CM336 is primarily designed for the purist, experienced and educated cruising sailor who want an efficient sailing design, the central hull is surprisingly spacious and has a rather practical use of internal space.
  • One of the most important design feature is that the vessel can be disabled and shipped in a single 40ft open top container then assembled and set-up in a few days.