Current Composites

Epoxy resin, infused and post cured – optimum strength resin system, as used by the best race-boat builders for the most demanding applications. Epoxy resin is not only the strongest, it also has zero water absorption and this combination maximises the lifespan of the boat.

Carbon and E-Glass – carbon fibre is used for local reinforcement as standard, with various options up to full carbon construction to achieve optimal weight and strength to suit individual budgets. Laminates specs are engineered to suit each part of the boat and include extra strengthening in the bow area to minimise collision damage.

PVC core – closed cell PVC core throughout for high stiffness to weight ratio, with no water absorption in the event of localised damage.

Superior internal finish – our lamination and infusion process delivers an excellent base-level interior surface, which we fair and paint to finish. This adds many man-hours but avoids the weight penalty of rougher internal laminate with the cosmetic need for panelling to hide it.

Foam cored furniture – ultra-light and laminated in to add to the structure and eliminate creaking.