About the Company

The Current Marine yacht building division has established itself as the go-to manufacturer for light weight performance multihulls using the latest and most current building methods which ensures strong, stiff and light weight yachts.

Our sailing multihulls have catered to the purist and knowledgeable sailor seeking multihulls which sail incredibly efficiently especially in light winds and behave favorably in larger sea states.

Current Marine was established in 2002 giving the builders an excellent grounding in constantly developing the process in keeping the build structure light and stiff which allows our designs to sail greater than wind speed.

After many years of developing this recipe which we have developed in conjunction with the Schionning design team we have introduced the all new CM251 performance cruising catamaran which we feel has an excellent blend of high performance and cruising capacity all of which could only be achieved by being diligent in keeping control of the build weight of the main composite structures. Development of this new design  has come from feedback from the many of the Schionnings designs G-force range race winning pedigree and development.

Due to current marine’s ability to build to strict weight restrictions being necessary to achieve the high cruising and top speeds current marine became the natural choice as builder to deliver the Hammer 62. 

The CM336 performance cruising trimaran is another example which showcases our ability to build light weight multi-hulls.

After Current Marine was established as the yard building performance multi-hulls we set out to seek a carbon spar supplier in South Africa to build carbon rotating wing masts, at took the challenge to develop our own hence we started Current Spars primarily developed for our in-house projects and later to supply private and yacht building yards abroad and in South Africa. We steadily developed this division using our company’s strong skills in resin infusion which has constantly been developed as our base in the division of Current Composites which manufactures Composite infused cored panels primarily in the construction under license to Schionning designs pre-manufactured catamarans in flat pack components. Current Composites has an in house developed custom CNC router bed capable of cutting 12m x 2, 75m which we use to manufacture the standard composite cored panels sizes of 12m x 2.4m.

Current Spars builds carbon fixed and rotating wing masts along with composites wing booms.

Current Marine has built, supplied and advised on the construction of over 40 multihulls over the years supplied many kits in South Africa and abroad.

The G-Force range is designed by the well-known naval architect Jeff Schionning. The G-Force range can be described as the latest performance machines to come from Schionning’s drawing board. The G-Force designs have dominated the SE Asian and Australasian racing circuits. The G-Force designs are performance-cruising -racing catamarans often chosen the most purist of sailors that will allow for comfortable live aboard or long distance cruising as well as exhilarating performance on the way to your destination.